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This collection of tools and data sources useful in OSINT investigations is an extension of Justin Nordine's OSINT Framework project and is largely based on his code. In no case does it try to replace the original project, but only supplement it with data strictly related to Poland. I decided not to duplicate information, and instead invite you, the user, to get to know both projects.

I realize this is not an exhaustive source of information, but I hope it will get better with the help of users.

News / Updates

Follow me on Twitter: @rgodek
...or the project on Github: https://github.com/P3run/otwartezrodla

Suggestions, comments, complaints and grievances

Please submit your suggested changes as issues on Github or by email to: uwagi@otwartezrodla.pl.


Your help in developing this tool will be the best support for me. However, if you want to thank me for my work and contribute to the maintenance of the site, visit zrzutka.pl or paypal - I will be grateful for every penny :).